Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why Things Happen In Life

Sometimes trying to stay positive is not easy. Their is always difficulties in life and I'm no stranger to it. Sometimes we ask ourselves "why me?" this difficulties are not to break us and end us. They are to make us stronger and to learn from mistakes and even good moments. You should never give up because that is the worst thing you could do. Some people like to say "well other people have it worse than you." but the thing is you are putting other people down without even thinking of it. I like to tell myself well a lot worse could of happened but it didn't and always look at the positive in things. You are tight in money? What is the positive, you are going to end up learning how to save money and budgets. You will cherish what you have and learn what you did wrong to end up where you are. Just got off a bad relationship. What is the positive, you will know what where the signs that turned the relationship bad and know if next time you have to take things so or not. Things don't happen just for the heck of it. There's always a reason why they happen. Sometimes we don't understand why they happen but in the end we will know why.

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