Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Maturity isn't about age. It's about how you act. You could be 35 and still act childish. Joining in gossip and acting like your in middle school when your older than that is not right. Bashing on people and then saying how mature and grown up you are is well not true. It does not matter if you in college, have a kid, live on your own, live with you parents and so on. Maturity is about how you act and show yourself. Sometimes people can mature more by life experiences but sometimes the opposite can happen. Before you do something or say something think of what your actions will do. Sometimes trying to act grown up and go off on people and acting tough will actually make you look the opposite. Most people now a days think it is cool to go off on people over social networks and trying to act tough but all they are, are bullies hiding. Those bullies feel good when they put people down and think that makes them feel better. It is not. If you have problems with someone talk it out like MATURE people.Not going for example, on Facebook and cussing each other out telling people profanities about that other person and acting all "grown up". Cause trust me all you showing is how immature you are and how low you get to solve your problems. Maturity isn't something you grow into, it's something you work to get at.
It's your choice if ya want to be mature or not. Just think what do you want to be, a mature or immature person.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Man Of Steel Trailer.

For all Of My SuperHero Fans Here Is The Trailer For The New Movie Of SuperMan "Man Of Steel". It Is Coming Out This Year On June 14th. This Also Leads Up To The Movie Of The Justice League That Will Come Out In The Future. Can't Wait. Enjoy. :)
Man of Steel (@ManofSteelMovie) tweeted: He will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. New #ManofSteel trailer: http://t.co/YxEsUPaLc2 #June14th (https://twitter.com/ManofSteelMovie/status/324315034308190208)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pray For Boston

My Prayers go out to all the people that were at the Boston Marathon. To all those affected by it from the runners to the viewers and even the families of everyone that was there. It is sad that an event so respected and viewed by many ended as tragedy like this. I pray that everyone that got injured recovers well and if there was any deaths i send my consoles to the families that were affected and that the people or person responsible be taken to justice because it is not right. This event was not just for Americans but for over 96 different countries around the world that came to be part of this event. I'm so sorry for all the families that were scared and don't know how their family members were and are. I hope everyone is safe and okay. Hope that they found the other bombs.
I also hope the people that were affected at the library bombing are okay. Can't believe that it has come down to this. Going to events and places and being scared that something could happen and not see our loved ones anymore.
I also would like to send a prayer to Iraq and all those effected at the bombing that happened there as well.
You will all be in my prayers for this was unnecessary and inhumane.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Roots

Knowing your roots is such a beautiful thing. Cause that is your whole background. Knowing the native tongue of your family and where your grandparents all the way to your ancestors came is amazing. Some of us think that depending on where they live that you should be the same as those people. We are all unique and our families stories help make it even more unique. Don't try and hide who you are be, don't be ashame. When people hate on you is because they wish they had something you do. They are not happy and/or satisfied with their own life's.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why Things Happen In Life

Sometimes trying to stay positive is not easy. Their is always difficulties in life and I'm no stranger to it. Sometimes we ask ourselves "why me?" this difficulties are not to break us and end us. They are to make us stronger and to learn from mistakes and even good moments. You should never give up because that is the worst thing you could do. Some people like to say "well other people have it worse than you." but the thing is you are putting other people down without even thinking of it. I like to tell myself well a lot worse could of happened but it didn't and always look at the positive in things. You are tight in money? What is the positive, you are going to end up learning how to save money and budgets. You will cherish what you have and learn what you did wrong to end up where you are. Just got off a bad relationship. What is the positive, you will know what where the signs that turned the relationship bad and know if next time you have to take things so or not. Things don't happen just for the heck of it. There's always a reason why they happen. Sometimes we don't understand why they happen but in the end we will know why.