Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Maturity isn't about age. It's about how you act. You could be 35 and still act childish. Joining in gossip and acting like your in middle school when your older than that is not right. Bashing on people and then saying how mature and grown up you are is well not true. It does not matter if you in college, have a kid, live on your own, live with you parents and so on. Maturity is about how you act and show yourself. Sometimes people can mature more by life experiences but sometimes the opposite can happen. Before you do something or say something think of what your actions will do. Sometimes trying to act grown up and go off on people and acting tough will actually make you look the opposite. Most people now a days think it is cool to go off on people over social networks and trying to act tough but all they are, are bullies hiding. Those bullies feel good when they put people down and think that makes them feel better. It is not. If you have problems with someone talk it out like MATURE people.Not going for example, on Facebook and cussing each other out telling people profanities about that other person and acting all "grown up". Cause trust me all you showing is how immature you are and how low you get to solve your problems. Maturity isn't something you grow into, it's something you work to get at.
It's your choice if ya want to be mature or not. Just think what do you want to be, a mature or immature person.

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