Monday, April 15, 2013

Pray For Boston

My Prayers go out to all the people that were at the Boston Marathon. To all those affected by it from the runners to the viewers and even the families of everyone that was there. It is sad that an event so respected and viewed by many ended as tragedy like this. I pray that everyone that got injured recovers well and if there was any deaths i send my consoles to the families that were affected and that the people or person responsible be taken to justice because it is not right. This event was not just for Americans but for over 96 different countries around the world that came to be part of this event. I'm so sorry for all the families that were scared and don't know how their family members were and are. I hope everyone is safe and okay. Hope that they found the other bombs.
I also hope the people that were affected at the library bombing are okay. Can't believe that it has come down to this. Going to events and places and being scared that something could happen and not see our loved ones anymore.
I also would like to send a prayer to Iraq and all those effected at the bombing that happened there as well.
You will all be in my prayers for this was unnecessary and inhumane.

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