Thursday, July 4, 2013


During our life times we experiences someones death. It is not easy and it hurts so much. But what we can do? We can not bring them back. It is not possible. We do have the permission to be sad but shouldn't be for always. Let yourself cry and let it all out. It does not make you weak, it makes you stronger. Letting out our feelings out is actually healthy for us. But after we mourn, lets remember the good times. Remember that someone at their best, the good memories. Never forget them but not completely obsess. They are not really gone. They are still there for us. Our loved ones turn into our guardian angels and will always look out for us. We are never alone. There will always be there someone there for us, to encourage, listen, and simply just be there. It is not easy or simple. But it is a part of life. So let it all out, wipe your tears, put your chin up, and remember that they will always love you. Enjoy they moments you have with your loved ones. Always remind them that you love them and when you say good-bye remind them that they are special to you.

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