Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Is Me (Part 3,)

I don't know how the divorce went and the process that my parents went through. All I remember was that my sister and I would alternate between houses but mostly we would stay with our mother. Another thing that I don't really remember but was told was that when my parents were in court, my father said that if he wasn't going to get custody of my sister and I, then to at least be able to have custody of me. That has kept me bewildered all this years and wish I could know why he said that. Was I his favorite? Did he see something in me? Was it cause I was the oldest? What was he planning? Why didn't he fight harder? Did he do everything possible to have custody of me? This and many more questions go through my head when ever I think about it. During the process of the divorce I didn't know it was happening but I do remember some things that scared me and confused me as well. Since every other weekend we went with our father. He would pick us up at grandmothers house and we would take the three hour drive to his house. I remember when we were over at his house one night, we were all sleeping and out of a sudden there was loud banging at the gate door. It must of been midnight or even later. My dad woke up and checked if we were okay. He then went to go get his gun and went to the gate door. I was scared cause well he was holding a gun and went he did it was serious business. I remember sneaking out to see what was happening. My father open the door and was a bit surprised it was my mother behind the gate door.

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