Friday, March 8, 2013


Bullying is such a hard thing and don’t see why people get a kick out of it. Bullying is such an ugly thing and hurts so much. Sometimes even the little comments or actions are the ones that hurt the most. I was bullied when I was younger because I had a skin problem and didn’t have that many friends as everybody else (since I had just moved from a different school and wasn’t easy to make friends at that time/year). All those mean comments and their actions towards me hurt me so much that I just did not want to go to school no more. But at the same time I was having problems at home. I would prevent to be okay at school with the friends I had at school but I just thought that it was the end for me. It hurts even more when you have family bullying you. Bullying isn’t just hurting people physically but also emotionally and mentally. Having someone put you down on what you do, what you say, what you were even to the point to what you think and feel is so negative that can push people to the edge. There is so much that a person can take till they get to the point that they give up. Think before you decide to say or do something mean. Imagine if you were in their shoes and was the person being bullied. Even if you see someone being bullied try and do something nice for them. You never know if a little action like smiling at them can make a difference and might stop them from hurting themselves. If we all help each other out we can stop bullying and save people from ending their lives.

Anyone liked to share their stories? Just comment below.

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