Sunday, February 17, 2013



A very opened topic that could go many ways. I have learned that sometimes the people that say they will always be there for you won't always will. Sometimes something ugly has to happen to discover who your true friends are. I had many challenges in life where I discovered who my true friends are. Some where nice and clean and didn't have much drama. I also had many that were so ugly I asked myself why they happened. I really don't like losing people I know because they were in my life for a reason. But when you are lied to, disrespected or hurt, you can't have them in your life no more. If there is something that you do not like about someone do not go and act like nothing is wrong and talk behind that persons back. Try and talk it out and get to the bottom of it. Because if you don't you will just end up with creating a bigger problem than it is and end up involving people that are not part of the problem. Calling people names and acting like a two-face is not going to help and just makes you look bad. Even trying to act like a badass is just going to end up hurting people. Just remember that there is always a reason why there is always going to be people in your life that leave badly. You have to remember the good moments you had, drop the subject and move on. Don't go on bashing that x-friend because you are not helping yourself nor that ex-friend. Learn from your mistakes and just be careful who you trust and let in your life. Don't go on and tell everyone your deepest secrets because enemies are just ex-friends.

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